Rise 4: The WOW Effect!

Yes, this is the moment when you land and the first word that immediately comes to mind is simply “wow”. We’ve taken high-B to the next level.

rise 4 airdesign paragliders3

We’re not normally ones to exaggerate, but this is really how the first flight experience feedback has been presented to us.

Compared to its predecessor, handling, precision and agility have stepped up, making it super-efficient for thermalling (the Rise 3 was already a market reference). Top speed and glide have also significantly increased. And as confirmed by the certification house, the passive safety is excellent for the category, contributing to the comfort in flight you have come to expect and love from AD.

rise 4 airdesign paragliders4

The Rise 4 comes with the same lightweight, yet durable material mix as the Vivo, Volt and Rise 3. Aspect ratio is a little lower than the 3, but profile is completely new. Also note that, because of the high demand for a light version of the Rise 3, we have decided and managed to manufacture a notably lighter high EN-B also, based on the Rise 4. This lightweight version is slated for release in March/April 2020.