UP paragliders

UP International GmbH, nestled in the beautiful town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, has been at the forefront of aviation innovation, specializing in the design and manufacture of ready-to-fly paragliders.

Initially, the company embarked on its journey as a hang glider manufacturer based in the United States but transitioned over time to focus on paragliding, an endeavor that has seen it become a revered name in the realm of skyward adventure​1​.

The essence of UP Paragliders is perhaps best captured in the breadth and depth of its product offerings. Their range of paragliders is diverse, catering to various pilot preferences and skill levels. The lineup includes models like the Ascent 4, Rimo, Mana 2, Dena, Kibo 2, Lhotse 2, Summit X, Kangri HPR, Kangri X, Kailash, Trango X, Meru, Meru 2, Guru, K2 4, and Misti among others​2​. Each model is a testament to UP's commitment to delivering a blend of performance, safety, and the sheer joy of flying.

Not just content with providing a palette of color choices, UP Paragliders goes a step further with a unique customizer tool that allows pilots to create a personal wing. This tool offers a playfully easy way to adjust colors and even integrate a logo into the lower sail of the glider, thus adding a personal touch to the flying experience​3​.

The legacy of UP International is also enriched by the noteworthy individuals associated with the brand. World record pilots Jim Lee and Larry Tudor, looping star John Heiney, and Paragliding World Cup Champions Richard Gallon, Olli Rössel, Alex Hofer, and Uli Wiesmeier have all been associated with UP Europe, adding a layer of prestige and credibility to the brand​4​.

In a realm where the sky is the limit, UP Paragliders has etched its name high, embodying the spirit of flight in every curve and color of its meticulously designed wings.