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Easiness 3

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Brand : Advance

Easiness 3 - Hike & Fly & More

Universal Reversible harness

The new EASINESS 3 for everyday use significantly raises flying comfort, thanks to lengthened Legpads and an ergonomically-shaped seat shell.

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The fully integrated yet removable Air-bag has a designed-in reserve com-partment for the perfect outline. More detailing like new adjusters, extra pockets and a large rucksack volume perfectly round off this no-seatboard harness. Add the light weight from 1.75 kg and you have a large range of convenient use – from Hike und Fly to traveling; even local flying. Now in 3 sizes.

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Technical details

Pilot height cm155-172165-183178-202
Weight with protectorkg2.252.302.40
Weight without protectorkg1.751.801.90
Rucksack volumel465058

Harness certification                                         EN 1651 / LTF 91/09, 120 kg


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