"Queen of the Mediterranean", Budva, has much to offer and it is one of the rare cities in Montenegro that unites the tourist offer; from splendid beaches all over its shores, through various content for family holidays, to exciting nightclubs and parties in the open air. The destination, combined with the rich history of the old town, which dates back to 2000 years, beautiful islands and popular "Saint Stephen", which is on the list of the most luxurious offerings in Europe within the "Aman Luxury Resort", is definitely the best choice both for an exciting holiday and an adventurous weekend visits.

But there are also those who would like to see this beauty out of the city noise and avoid the crowd, but again to experience this popular place in its unique way. How about “visiting” Budva from the air? If you want to have a new experience and bury in your mind fantastic memories of an areas that cannot be seen from the ground, paragliding is exactly what will enable you to feel that. By taking off from the nearby Brajići hill, observe the Budva Riviera, the old town, popular islands , and in the silence of the sky experience an intense emotions, which you can only feel in the infinite of a blue sky that “kisses” the sea, free yourself from everyday routine and have an indescribable experience.

Visiting an incredible Bay of Kotor is simply inevitable when coming to Montenegro, and therefore it is on the list of almost every worldwide visitor traveling through Europe. The fascinating beauty of the Boka Bay, its spectacular nature and the history of ancient towns, take a breath away from everybody who ever went there. But to see the landscape of the whole bay from a bird’s eye perspective is one of the unforgettable experiences that remains as a beautiful memory for anyone who decides to fly with a paraglide above it.

The deepest natural fjord on the Mediterranean Sea, the Canyon of Škurda River, the old towns of Kotor and Perast, mountain Lovćen that proudly protects the Bay, representing only a part of the indescribable beauty that is worth seeing. But most of visitors do not have enough time to devote an attention to this part of Montenegrin coast that it deserves, which makes paragliding an excellent solution for that! Take up to the sky from Lovćen, and during the flight see all of the picturesque area of ​​the Boka Bay, the walls of the old town of Kotor in entirety that surrounds this UNESCO-protected little town, cruisers that bring thousands of curious tourists every day and much more that cannot be described in words but only felt by heart.