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Dream of flying like a bird?

Now your dream will come true. It's so simple!

Paragliding is the most accessible way to fly freely as a bird. Paraglider this ultralight aircraft will easily realize your dreams, open up unlimited airspace in front of you and deliver incredible impressions.

Tandem paragliding in Montenegro is accessible to everyone, a child and an adult. You do not need any special training. Tandem flights with paragliding masters of our club are comfortable, safe and incredibly beautiful.

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Then the instructor will meet you and you will be delivered together to the place where the flight begins. Then get all the necessary instructions about your actions on takeoff, in flight and landing. Five minutes to train the instructor of the outfit and you are ready to take off. At the command of the instructor, you must make a confident and dynamic movement towards the air and you are flying.

Donution price

Standard flight - 65 euro

Economy flight - 39,90 euro


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