On the Adriatic coast lies beautiful Montenegro.

Tourists are very fond of this country for the warm, friendly water of local bays and beautiful beaches, of which there are 173 in Montenegro with a total length of 73 km. The beaches are very diverse. You can also lie on the sand, basking in the sun, and walk on pebbles. There are even special healing beaches. The water on the coast is very clear, visibility reaches 38-55 meters in depth. For lovers of wild relaxation, there are beaches untouched by civilization. Everything is there as nature intended. Well if you are accustomed to high-quality service and do not think of rest without a certain comfort, then you need to get to the beaches with developed infrastructure.

montenegro beach kotor bay

The beaches of Budva, Tivat, Bar, Ulcinj and Herceg Novi are among the most environmentally friendly in the world. Industrial enterprises are far from them and do not pollute the environment.

To calm the soul - Kotorsko-Risan Bay - Perast

Fans of a relaxing and peaceful holiday will find a rocky beach located in the city of Perast. The length of the beach is 320 meters. There are pebble sometimes concrete beach here. Relaxing on this beach you will see the Verige Strait which flows between two green islands. So it seems that a pirate schooner, full of looted gold, is about to enter the strait. Such thoughts do not come by chance.

montenegro beach perast

The Perast town was founded by pirates. And still, its streets keep these pages of history. The beach is for creation. A peaceful environment sets in a philosophical way. There is no hype inherent in the beaches of Budva. Everything here speaks of a relaxing vacation without incident.

In this cosy bay there is a marina where yachts rest gracefully swaying. Boat trips are very popular among tourists. You can also go on a short trip to the islands that are noticeable from the beach. There are parapets on the beach, you can dive right from them, the sea in the bay is deep.

montenegro beach perast1

There are several cafes on the beach where you can taste amazing dishes of national cuisine. The most famous restaurant on the Adriatic coast is called the Old Fisherman.
With a search for housing, you won’t have to think long. The choice is wide - from a room in a private house to a five-star hotel.  Almost the entire coastline is privately owned. When choosing to house this fact must be taken into account.
For the comfort of vacationers sun loungers and umbrellas, toilets, changing rooms are offered. Safety is watched by rescuers.

Royal rest - Budva - Milocer

The most popular place on the Montenegrin coast is the coast of the Budva Riviera which is located in the middle of the Montenegrin coastline. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come here every year to enjoy the local beauties and relax on the Budva beaches.

montenegro beach milocer

One of the most beautiful beaches of Budva is Milocer Beach. With a total area of ​​8016 sq.m., it spreads over 400 meters of the coastline. It was placed between Cape Milocer and the island-hotel Sveti Stefan.
The beach is suitable for lovers of the sandy shore. In addition, it is located in a park area, and right from here, you can go for a walk in the Milocer forest. The air is saturated with aromas of tropical mimosa and Lebanese cedar.  Truly one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Once upon a time here rested the Serbian royal dynasty Karadjordjevic. And still, Milocer falls in love with the hearts of residents and guests of Montenegro. No wonder it is considered one of the most prestigious holiday destinations.  Many celebrities have their residences here. And for a vacation on this coast, it will be necessary to fork out.

montenegro beach milocer1

The developed infrastructure meets all the requirements of a modern service. Here you can find a variety of cafes, there are showers and toilet rooms, the rescue team is responsible for your safety.  Rescue towers stand every 100 meters. Sunbeds and umbrellas are paid.

montenegro beach sveti stefan1

In order to relax on this beach, you need to book a ticket to the hotel adjacent to Milocer.  Entrance for other tourists may not be available.  Perhaps this is the only negative of a whole host of pluses of relaxation on this beach.

With therapeutic effect - Ulcinj Riviera - Velika Plaza

Now we go to the south of Montenegro where the Ulcinj Riviera is located.  There is a lot of sun and olive groves. Local beaches are surrounded by tall cypress trees and other bizarre vegetation.

montenegro beach ulcinj1

The largest beach of Montenegro has gained fame from a whole ridge of Ulcinj beaches. Velika Plazha.  With a length of 10100 m, it has an area of ​​60,000 sq.m.  You can find it a little south of the city of Ulcinj.
The entire coast is covered with the finest volcanic sand. Because of it, the beach seems grey. This sand is very useful for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It is saturated with healthy minerals.  There are also sulfur springs that come to the surface. It is believed that they help against female diseases and cure infertility.

montenegro beach ulcinj

There are always a lot of vacationers with children on the beach. The bottom off the coast is shallow and shallow, go a few minutes to the depth. It is also perfect for people who prefer outdoor activities - surfing, sailing, skiing, kiting, etc. The beach infrastructure offers several kite-stations.  Hotel complexes are built along the coast.  And at the very beginning of the beach, there is a beautiful marina of Porto Milena. Beautiful marinas, locally called Kali Mera, moor near the marina. The beach has everything to relax in comfort- sun loungers and umbrellas (for a fee), showers, a toilet, changing rooms, parking, numerous restaurants in which you will be served amazing fish.

Rest without ties and not only - Njivice

Not far from the Montenegrin pier of poets - the city of Herceg Novi - is located the city of Njivice, once a former ordinary fishing village. The mountain Orjen which rises nearby protects the resort from the winds with its slopes and here the summer lasts a little longer.  The area of ​​the beach of the same name is 21600 sq.m. Pebble lies on the shore, sometimes there are concrete sections. There are places on the beach where nudists sunbathe. The beach is considered the oldest in Montenegro for this category of people. The water in the sea is very clean. The air here is saturated with the aromas of local fruits, which grow only here. Lovers of a relaxing holiday come here.

montenegro beach nivice

Evening walks in the fresh air, playing sports, all this will help you find peace of mind and restore strength for a hard-working year, so that after you return again here.

There are many small restaurants on the coast. They are mainly served with national dishes.

Among the activities on Njivice, surfing is very popular. For diving enthusiasts, the seafloor here has prepared many surprises.  And be sure to go fishing.  You won’t be left without a catch. The fish you catch will be immediately prepared in a local restaurant, of which there are plenty. Numerous boats and boats invite you on a boat trip along the coast with rides on the islands.
For a comfortable stay on the beach, there are sun loungers and umbrellas, there are locker rooms and showers with fresh water. Toilets are paid. You can come to this beach by car. Parking is provided for vehicles.

On a rocky shore - Kralev beach - the Bar riviera.

The Barska Riviera, along with Ulcinjska, is considered one of the sunniest on the Montenegrin coast. It is as much loved by tourists as the resorts of Budva, but here everything is much cheaper. And nature is as beautiful as in the whole of Montenegro.

montenegro beach canj

The pearl of the Barska Riviera - Kraleva Beach, stretches for 220 meters between the resort villages of Sutomore and Chanj. The coastline is washed with sand. It is unique in its beauty, a wild beach, and you can even get here only from the sea. Around it is sheer cliffs. The place is incredibly picturesque and secluded. Only by visiting here, you can understand why he was so fond of the Montenegrin Queen Milena. It was thanks to her frequent stay here that at one time the beach began to be called the Queen's Beach.  Entrance here is paid and sometimes completely inaccessible. Here and now members of the presidential family love to relax. The air in these places is very fresh. Untouched forests, Mediterranean plants, eucalyptus trees and pines give this beach a unique flavour. The beneficial properties of iodine and bromine will have a positive effect on health. The sea is deepening here gradually, so if you do not know how to swim - you are here.
It is also very convenient to be here with children.
There are no hotels on the coast itself, this is its undoubted advantage. You can settle nearby in the resort of Chanj. Many hotels will offer you their rooms and in small, cosy restaurants you can taste amazing fish.

montenegro beach rezevici

The infrastructure is not too developed, but you can admire the beauty created by nature itself.
Wherever you go to rest - any corner of Montenegro will meet you warmly and amiably. People here are open, there is almost no theft. The gentle sea will take you into its arms and give you the necessary feeling of calm and harmony with the world around you.
We wish you a great stay in Montenegro!