Montenegro holidays - Plan the incredible recreation!

Travel in Montenegro

In South-Eastern Europe, the Republic of Montenegro is washed by the Adriatic Sea.

What to see in Kotor? - Paragliding

Kotor is a city in Montenegro, located on the shore of the Bay of Kotor, which is in the Adriatic Sea.

Resorts of Budva Riviera- Sveti Stefan

Budva Riviera is a resort area in the south of Montenegro. It is known for cozy and beautiful cities and villages, surrounded by mountains on one side and washed by the waters of the Adriatic Sea - on the other.

Travel to Budva - Paragliding

Budva is a resort town located on the Adriatic coast.

Features of Montenegro


The Slavic state of Duklya that emerged at the beginning of the 7th century, located on the lands of the former Roman province, became the initial basis for the further development of the state of Montenegro.

New Year's holidays in Montenegro

New Year holidays in Montenegro is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of party and fill the cold winter months with fabulous impressions.

Durmitor National Park - Paragliding

Our planet has many interesting and beautiful places, one of them is Montenegro.