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NOVA DOUBLESKIN - Minimalist hike & fly With the DOUBLESKIN, NOVA once again unpacks a real treat!

At 2.1 kilos (size 17) the DOUBLESKIN is the lightest paraglider in the world, which has an upper and lower surface (with the same flat area, selection of the Ultralight Riser option; valid 06/19). It has a tiny packing volume and is pure joy in the air thanks to its superior aerodynamics in comparison to single-surface wings. So carefree ascent is just as much fun as the flight and landing. Despite its lightweight design, the DOUBLESKIN comes with the full, comprehensive NOVA guarantee package.

Concept and positioning

The DOUBLESKIN is a super-light paraglider with an extremely small packing volume especially for mountaineers, pilots travelling with their wing as well as lightweight fans. However, it is not a mini-wing “without performance”. It has better performance than, for example, the IBEX 4 and the PRION 4. At 2.1 kilos (size 17 projected), the DOUBLESKIN is the lightest paraglider in the world, which has an upper and lower surface (with the same flat area and selection of the Ultralight Riser option; valid 06/19). The three-liner has 33 cells and is available in three sizes (17, 20, and 23), all of which are EN A certified in the normal weight range.

Features and Details

• Mini-ribs for higher performance.
• New Zig-Zag 3D-Shaping for an even more aerodynamically optimised leading edge.
• Lightweight materials and design: the light weight of the DOUBLESKIN is NOT based on the concept of simply to "omitting features”. It results from the consistent use of the lightest materials and an intelligent design.
• Innovative Top Sail Vector Tape for better profile shape and improved handling.
• Sheathed lines (except the gallery lines).
• Weight-optimised cloth.
• Two different riser options (Light and Ultralight).
• Holding-Pins for take-off on very steep and slippery terrain - e.g. on snow are included as standard.


The official certification EN/LTF A refers only to the criteria required for test flights according to the EN standard. When it comes to serious alpine use, there are further factors to consider: safe laying out (helped by the Holding-Pins), limited space required on launch (the DOUBLSKIN has short lines), easy handling through sheathed lines - and last but not least speed, good glide as well as safe landing behaviour even with a tail wind or in turbulent conditions. We place great importance on these safety criteria.

Why the name DOUBLESKIN?

At NOVA, there are a number of employees who regularly undertake sporty hike & fly tours – to go quickly up and quickly down again. Therefore,they were interested in single-surface gliders. We tried a number of such gliders from other manufacturers and developed as well as built three prototypes ourselves. But we noticed again and again with all these gliders that they lack speed, that the glide performance decreases significantly in moving air and that even with significant experience, the landings are regularly "not perfect" (with changing winds, turbulence during landing or tailwind).

At some point the single skin became a DOUBLESKIN again. Finally, we kept this working title because it expresses the similarity to a single-surface glider.

Target group - who is the DOUBLESKIN aimed at?

• Paramountaineers: low weight and a small packing volume is one thing, speed and good glide performance is another. You need both again and again, especially at higher altitudes! The DOUBLESKIN offers everything.
• Hike & fly: simple launch preparation, Holding-Pins for steep take-offs, limited space requirements when laying out and good performance even in headwind - the DOUBLESKIN has it all.
• Lightweight fans: to travel super-light, you usually have to compromise on performance or speed. Not so with the DOUBLESKIN... with a normal wing loading you can fly in thermals and even go XC.

Recommended Take Off Weight

Depending on the wing load, the DOUBLESKIN changes its flying characteristics: with lower wing load it feels more „relaxed“, while it is more „dynamic“ with higher wing load.

Differentiation from other lightweight NOVA models IBEX 4: the IBEX 4 is suitable for instruction. We do not recommend using the DOUBLESKIN for this purpose. It is too lightly constructed and is not suitable for frequent ground handling. But in terms of glide, it is superior to the IBEX 4.

ION 5 Light: with a comparable wing loading it places somewhat higher demands on the pilot and was designed with performance and cross-country flying in mind.

Selling points

• Lowest weight and small packing volume.

• High glide performance -the DOUBLESKIN is not a mini-wing that is only suitable for fly-downs!

• Holding-Pins for very steep take-offs or snow.
• Safer than single-surface wings, because landing is faster, and is more controlled in a tailwind or turbulent conditions (flaring; corrections during final approach).
• The simplest launch and landing characteristics.
• The comprehensive NOVA guarantee package.


33 cells – three-liner – aspect ratio 4.4 (flat), 3.3 (projected)
– EN/LTF A (size 17 EN/LTF B in the extended weight range
up to 90 kg)
Size 17 20 21
Area - projected (m2) 17.1 20.0 23.5
Area – flat (m2) 20.0 23.0 27.5
All-up weight-range (kg)

55 – 75
(extended to 90
kg with EN B))

75 – 105 90 - 110
Canopy weight (kg) 2.1 2.4 2.8

Orders from today

Please make sure you specify whether Light Riser or Ultralight Riser. We recommend the Ultralight Riser explicitly only for hike & fly competitions! The difference is only 60 grams.
The wing is delivered with the new Ultralight
Compression Bag (not a rucksack)
Speedbrake Riser is NOT available