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SQR 100

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Innovative Rescue Systems

Square-Round technology

The COMPANION SQR reserve opens fast, has a low sink rate and high pen-dulum stability. It is also very straight-forward to pack. It’s the innovative Square-Round technology that makes all this possible. This science melds the advantages of the classic round canopy with those of the modern cross version. All SQR models are impressively light. The SQR Light series is currently among the lightest on the market! It’s little surprise that several top athletes rely on the SQR Light for the X-Alps.

Technical Details SQR Series

  100 Light120 Light100120140160220
 Aream225.4 32.425.432.437.842.061.9
 Max. loadkg100120100120140160220
 Min. sink ratem/s5.
 Packed volumel2.5-3.52.8-4.03.0-5.23.5-5.63.7-5.94.0-6.56.0-9.4

Certification                                                                   EN / LTF