New products that we are excited to talk about ...

Because innovation is one of our core values and thinking about the future of paragliding is in our nature : we are delighted to announce that 3 new Supair products will be launched by September 20th. A good way to wait for the start of the 2018 edition of Coupe Icare! 

Last month, we introduced the Delight 3 ; our brand new XC harness, designed for pilots who want minimal weight, piloting precision added to high passive safety.

But that's not it ! Our Delight 3 is part of a trio of new innovative products that we will unveil by the end of September and that you'll be exclusively entitled to test.

Want to know more about this exciting summer by Supair ? Click on the video below to get a quick peek :

We won't make you wait for too long though ! On August 16th, we'll present the first product.

3 products, 3 dates to mark your calendar with : 

 August, 16th - August, 30th - September, 10th