Полет на параплане в Герцег-Нови

Tandem paragliding in Herceg-Novi

If you have never before flown a paraglider or have not yet had sufficient experience for independent flights, we suggest you fly in tandem with our instructor in Herceg-Novi.

During the flight a professional pilot takes full responsibility and completely controls the process - you just have to enjoy the beauty that has opened your eyes.

The duration of the tandem paragliding demonstration is up to 20 minutes depending on weather conditions.

The duration of the entire event is 60 minutes.

Easy booking

The participation fee is 110€

The transfer from the pick-up point is included.

GoPro video service, download link included.

Video with you (including SD card) - 10€

Paragliding as a Gift

Paragliding as a Gift

A gift card is a unique gift option for all times and for any occasion.